Shandong Huaxin

Shandong Huaxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huaxin New Building Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of Luxi Plain 
and the hometown of Jiangbei Water City - Xinxian, Liaocheng City.
The company occupies 230,000 square meters,
It is a high-tech enterprise that is led by technology and integrates the research and development,
production and operation of pickled plates, cold-rolled plates, galvanized (aluminum) silicon plates
and color-coated plates.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility



Special customer service organization-after-sales service department
The company has established a special customer service organization-after-sales service department, responsible
for acceptingcustomer service requirements, Supervision hotline-0635-7127666.

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